Marketing Your Infographic

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Marketing Your Infographic

Once you create a compelling infographic, your main goals are to have it seen and to attract backlinks. You want to have your hard work seen by a wide audience of people who will value the presentation and help you spread the word to their networks. 

The methods for promoting your infographic are not unlike what you might use to promote other web-worthy work of yours, so the advice here carries over to the promotional and networking process in general nowadays.


1. Press Release

A well constructed infographic is definitely worthy of a stand alone press release. It allows you to share the context and background behind the data on your featured infographic. The key is to identify the compelling information and it’s relevance to your audience. You are seeking online media coverage for a significant artistic and informational contribution in your industry so make sure you write your release so it comes off as newsworthy. 

If successful, your SEO optimized press release sent to the right individuals will help you generate visibility, traffic, backlinks and improved keyword rankings.

2. Social Network Distribution

Once you have put together a professional press release, you want it to get it in front of key influencers of your industry. The goal isn’t necessarily to contact as many people as possible, but rather to reach those key media personnel and bloggers who have large audiences and can help you reach the masses through a powerful recommendation of sorts. 

Their endorsement and promotion will push your infographic more than likely any other method. Offering to collaborate or exchange links and promotion can make the more casual interchange feel like both parties gain in the exchange. Internet marketing site, VerticalMeasures, shared a couple good free options for helping you reach the right audience easily Presskit’n and PitchEngine. 

Sending an email to your own personal email list of customers is also cost-efficient and direct, but not nearly the affect of reaching new influencers and eyeballs who aren’t aware of your work yet. With email, e-newsletter and influencer press releases you want to include multiple forms of social sharing buttons as not everyone will uses the same methods.

All your work, especially a featured item like your infographic should be shared on all the social media channels that you use; Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Having your infographic liked, +1, shared or linked to a popular #hashtag can increase it’s reach. Recommending a image sharing/organizing site like Pinterest is also a good idea.

3. Blog it!

Naturally you would feature the infographic heavily on your site, but featuring a special blog post about your infographic can reach a different audience and help create context and a reason why people might find your infographic more compelling to the hundreds they encounter nowadays. The same applies here of offering sharing options and even an embedding option.

4. Bookmarking

Using bookmarking services to share your content like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Delicious can help you to spread the word. It helps if you already have a profile and presence on the site so it’s not seen as selfish and predatory promotion of your site. People more easily promote your work when you support theirs. VerticalMeasures also recommends Onlywire which allows to push your release in infograhic to a bunch of sites at once.

5. Picture Linking Sites

There are a number of image hosting and organizing sites that many people peruse. Sharing your picture, with a profile and link back to your site, can reach a different audience than some of the above options. Sites like Flickr, CoolInfographics, DailyInfographic,, SubmitInfographics, BestInfographics, and Visual Loop are some VerticalMeasures recommendations.


Like in all areas of business, it is your relationship with a few key individuals that will ultimately help you reach the biggest audience. An endorsement from a key blogger, site or media person will carry much further than an anonymous listing or blast to complete unknowns. 

Do your research on reaching the right people and approach them in a human and personal way with the value of your infographic. If you’ve been effective and the infographic is easily accessible by enlargeable thumbnail, the receiving individual will be curious to see your efforts. Make sure to thank anyone who is kind enough to actually help promote your work.

There are many tools to spread the word about your infographic. Make sure your infographic is worthy of all these efforts, so that you can build off your new reputation as a key information deliverer for future projects.

Your options expand considerably if you can invest in your promotion, but there are plenty of free options already listed to get the word out.

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