3 Important Parts of Good Website Design

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Important Parts of Good Website Design

Important Parts of Good Website Design - There is quite a difference between website design done by professionals and website design done by amateurs. Your website is the number one most effective tool for showcasing your product or service on the internet. A poor website design will tell many tales about your company. For example, if your business is website design but your business website is poorly designed it can be perceived as a reflection of the quality of your other services. So here are some critical parts of a good website design:

1. The Most Important Part: The Web Designer

There are volumes of information on good web design techniques but the one person who will implement these is the web designer. What do you look for in a good web designer or web design firm? How can you tell that this person (or team) will be able to produce that killer website you want?

Of course the first thing you will want to know is the web designer’s credentials. However, never make your choice of a web professional based on credentials alone. While certifications and education look great, they are not an indication that the person you are about to hire can handle the task. You will want to see a combination of education and experience in order to make your final choice.

Most, when shopping to have a website done, base their decision solely on price and choose the person or firm that will do it for the least. Be careful here too. Ask to see samples of previous sites and previous designs. 

If the person has no credentials (just starting out), you can maybe ask for a mockup but keep in mind that the person you ask for a mockup has to eat too. Don’t be surprised if a designer charges a small fee for mockups. But remember that you get what you pay for.

One thing to consider is the fact that good web designers are not necessarily good artists. In fact, it is rare for a one-person web design operation to be able to handle creating the artwork too. This is why when you are looking for a web design professional, many will ask you if you already have the graphics. 

The professional web designer knows his or her limitations and keep in mind that most cannot do web design plus artwork. There are rare exceptions but the key word here is “rare.” So part of an excellent web design is maybe bringing a professional graphic artist to the playing field.

2. Content is Key to a Great Website Design

The other important facet of great website design is content. Content is basically the words on a web page. It is the content (not the pictures) that will keep a visitor’s interest in a web site and reduce the likelihood of that same visitor abandoning the site. It must grammatically correct and also easy to understand. 

The content should be keyword rich so that searchbots will be able to “read” the keywords and classify your site. Content should be written so that a visitor can scan the web page and be able grasp most of the meaning without reading word for word.

3. Simple Navigation is Adds to Great Website Design

A visitor should be able to come to your website and the website design should be such that it allows navigation without a lot of difficulty. In other words, the new user should be able to get around very quickly even though he or she has little familiarity with the site. 

This is accomplished through careful planning of the hierarchical page structure of the entire site. It is also accomplished by having links that tell what the link is for without a lot of wordiness. Don’t make users have to drill down too far to get at what they need.

In conclusion, there are many other factors that contribute to great website design. There are components such as image optimization, avoidance of horizontal scrolling, minimization of vertical scrolling, white space between lines of text, and much more. 

But remember that probably the three most important elements are the designer, content, and ease of navigation.

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